The evolution of Syndication has taken Australia by storm.

British racing has a prestige that is hard to match. It’s one of the longest-established countries to host racing and it’s the third most-watched sport behind soccer and rugby. But what about its ownership opportunities? Australia has stamped itself as one of the most forward-thinking countries to host the sport. This in terms of both prizemoney and ownership.

The first racing syndication in Australian racing is often attributed to Dato Tan Chin Nam. He was a prominent Malaysian businessman and racehorse owner in Australia. He has a place in the Australian Racing Hall Of Fame due to his contribution to the sport.  In the 1970s, Dato Tan Chin Nam pioneered the concept of syndication in Australian horse racing. He formed syndicates to purchase and race horses, making ownership more accessible to a wider audience. It’s worth noting that Dato Tan Chin Nam won four Melbourne Cups as an owner.

Racing’s growth has presented new opportunities and has evolved into a very profitable investment industry. Some leaders within the industry are ex-pats who have chosen Australia’s rich racing landscape to call home. Stallion and breeding syndicates have become popular with the prospect of a rich career at stud becoming possible. Comparatively, the idea of having multiple opportunities to be involved in a champion has motivated more owners to race together as opposed to sole ownership.

Everest Day

Last week we witnessed the richest race on turf, The Everest. Five syndicated horses were accepted for the race with two of them winning and placing in the race. Collectively the five syndicated horses earned $11,100,000. Just 50 minutes prior to the Everest a Syndicated horse I Am Me won the Everest lead-up race, the Sydney Stakes earning $1,155,000.

The value of syndicated ownership is wildly attractive. It’s thee most accessible way to own a racehorse in Australia and New Zealand. Licensed syndicators take care of all the fuss so you can focus on the fun. As an owner in a syndicate, you own a percentage of the horse along with several other owners which means you share the buy-in risk, ongoing costs and any rewards.

What is Stridyl

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