We are live!

We are delighted to announce Stridyl’s Marketplace is now live. After many months of building, researching, and designing, our Marketplace has come to life. With a strong resolve to make racing engaging, fun and accessible for all, Stridyl is the lead generator that the Australian racing industry didn’t know it needed. People can explore available ownership options with Australasia’s leading licensed syndications and trainers. Interested parties can search and compare the best available horses at a range of prices to suit all budgets and ownership preferences.

What sets Stridyl apart?

Stridyl launched its Entertainment library in June of 2022. Slowly building, curating, and creating a library of thoroughbred entertainment. The importance of entertaining and educating an engaged audience is the difference between a visitor that stays on a website and one that clicks away. It is this engaged audience that is the offering of the Stridyl Marketplace to its subscribers – licensed syndicators and trainers. Stridyl Marketplace is an additional tool for those selling horse shares, and those wishing to buy.

Why Stridyl?

Stridyl Marketplace is based on a simplistic subscription model for licensed syndicators and trainers. Personalised Subscription is a tailored approach. Select the required quantity of horse listings, set the duration, and for as little as $66.00 per listing, the horse will be showcased in Stridyl’s general horse library, featured sections, and within the business profile of the subscriber. Alternatively, Pay Per Horse may be preferential at $165.00 per listing.

This has been something that we have built from the ground up. From an idea that was born in the corner in our office to seeing it come to life is incredibly rewarding. We believe this is something the industry desperately needs, and we can’t wait to connect it to a wider audience.

So far it has been incredibly well received, with the early adopters already signing up. Darby Syndications, Pulse Racing Thoroughbreds & Tricolours Syndications are all listed on our marketplace and have horses for you to browse and get involved in.

We will continue to onboard our new subscribers next week and can’t wait to update you as we build out both our trainer and syndicator libraries. You can create an account in three clicks and advertise a horse in five. If you are a trainer or syndicator click here to sign up today.

If you would like more information on our packages or how Stridyl can assist you with either buying, selling, or advertising then please reach out via the form below.