Stridyl is on a mission to make ownership possible for everyone. It’s fair to say we’ve gotten to know some of the biggest names in racing. Over that time we’ve heard all sorts of interesting and insightful stories – stories and knowledge that are worth sharing.

That’s why we’ve made Stridyl an open platform. Meaning you’ll never run out of interesting podcasts or curated content to keep you entertained and informed on all things racing.

What we do

It starts by providing you with a central platform of thoroughbred racing’s best content. This gives you access to knowledge and resources about everything you need to know in the world of racing. We’ve worked closely with trusted trainers, licensed syndicators and successful stud farms from across Australia and New Zealand to create Stridyl Marketplace. A simple pathway into ownership. The Marketplace is where you can search and compare the best available horses at a range of prices to suit all budgets and ownership options.

The best part? We don’t take a clip of the ticket we are simply a lead generator.

Our job is to connect a wider audience to the racing industry.


We’ve heard all sorts of interesting and insightful stories about experiences in breeding, owning, racing, working and running businesses in the thoroughbred racing industry. We believe it’s knowledge and insight worth sharing and that’s why we’ve made Stridyl an open platform for entertaining media.

This is your home of thoroughbred entertainment where you will find original and curated content, from podcasts and videos to vlogs and interviews. Whether you want to learn more about racehorse ownership, listen to your favourite trainer or hear discussions on topical events. There is something for everyone.


As one of the most accessible ways to own a racehorse in Australia and New Zealand, licensed syndicators take care of all the fuss so you can focus on the fun. As an owner in a syndicate, you own a percentage of the horse along with a number of other owners which means you share the buy-in risk, ongoing costs and any rewards.

At Stridyl, we’re currently building a community of the best-licensed syndicators. You can browse all their available shares in one spot. Meaning race days and exclusive owner events will be right at your fingertips.


The first horse races in Australia took place in the 1790s. Since then we’ve seen many champion racehorses and trainers emerge. With top trainers woven into the country’s national identity, another way into ownership is to be involved directly with your favourite trainer.

Our Stridyl community is currently growing to represent trainers. You can view all their available ownership opportunities on one platform. This includes access to future stars purchased out of the yearling sales.


We want Stridyl to become a community. Where like-minded people come together to both celebrate and explore our industry. If you would like to hear from Stridyl and learn more then make sure you drop your details in the form below.