Stridyl, A Racehorse Ownership Marketplace and community is thrilled to announce a dynamic addition to its family. We are proud to welcome Rachel King, one of Australia’s leading riders, as the newest face of Stridyl. 

About Rachel King:

Rachel has gained worldwide acclaim for her outstanding horsemanship. She has had a remarkable 2023, during which she secured three additional Group 1 victories and represented Australia internationally in Japan, with an upcoming appearance in Hong Kong this December. Beyond the racetrack, her dedication to thoroughbreds extends to rehoming retired racehorses, it is this commitment both on and off the track that integrates with the values and vision upheld by Stridyl. 

Why Rachel and Stridyl Are a Perfect Match: 

Rachel has firmly established herself in the industry as a reliable and hard-working athlete. These qualities alone are why Stridyl eagerly chose to collaborate with Rachel and extend a warm welcome to her as a valued member of the Stridyl Family. Stridyl aims to cultivate trust within the industry, positioning itself as the preferred platform to assist industry participants as an extended marketing team. Whether it’s showcasing the achievements of racing individuals or aiding racing businesses in the sale of available racehorses, Stridyl aspires to be synonymous with trustworthiness and hard work. 

Quotes: “Hayley Rorison, Creative Director at Stridyl, shares her thoughts on the collaboration: ‘This is not just a partnership; it’s a celebration of shared values, where dedication meets inspiration, and the pursuit of promoting our sport becomes a powerful narrative that transcends the field.’” 

“Rachel King shares her thoughts on the collaboration: ‘I am thrilled to be part of the Stridyl family. Their dedication to building a product to the betterment of the industry resonates with me, and I look forward to contributing to Stridyl’s goals.’” 

Connect with Rachel:

For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information about Rachel’s collaboration with Stridyl, please contact: 

Morgan Meyer-Clipperton

About Stridyl: Stridyl was meticulously designed with the goal of making racehorse ownership accessible to everyone. The journey begins by offering a centralised platform featuring the finest content in thoroughbred racing, extending to an ownership marketplace, where a diverse and comprehensive catalogue of available horses curated by some of Australia’s top trainers and syndicators are on display.