Sydney, 9th January 2024 – In a move poised to improve the landscape of thoroughbred ownership, Stridyl is thrilled to unveil a strategic collaboration with Racing Queensland. This collaboration is set to empower Queensland trainers and syndicators by offering a cutting-edge platform to facilitate the sale of horses acquired from the prestigious 2024 Magic Millions Yearling Sale.

ABOUT THE COLLABORATION: This innovative collaboration between Stridyl and Racing Queensland marks a pivotal moment for the Queensland horse racing community. Stridyl, a lead generator for the racing industry, brings its expertise in creating a dynamic and user-friendly environment for horse enthusiasts, while Racing Queensland’s dedication to fostering growth and support for industry participants aligns seamlessly with this initiative.

THE INITIATIVE: The exclusive offer is open to Queensland trainers and syndicators purchasing at the 2024 Magic Millions Yearling Sale can leverage Stridyl’s Ownership Marketplace to streamline the process of selling recently purchased horses. This collaboration aims to enhance accessibility, transparency, and efficiency in the buying and selling of thoroughbreds, ultimately benefiting both sellers and potential owners.

QUOTES: “Hayley Rorison, Co-Founder at Stridyl, expresses excitement: ‘Our collaboration with Racing Queensland is a significant step forward in facilitating thoroughbred ownership. By providing a robust platform, the Ownership Marketplace aims to enhance the experience for both sellers and buyers, fostering growth for the racing community.'”

“Sophie Swain, Ownership Manager at Racing Queensland, adds: “Collaborating with Stridyl at the 2024 Magic Millions sales provides a unique opportunity to connect Queensland trainers and syndicators with potential new owners and add to the more than 28,000 racing fans that already experience the thrill of racehorse ownership here in the Sunshine State.”

Connect with Stridyl: For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information about Stridyl’s collaboration with Racing Queensland, please contact:

Morgan Meyer-Clipperton
Business Manager

Stridyl was meticulously designed with the goal of making racehorse ownership accessible to everyone. The journey begins by offering a centralised platform featuring the finest content in thoroughbred racing, extending to an ownership marketplace, where a diverse and comprehensive catalogue of available horses curated by some of Australia’s top trainers and syndicators are on display.

At Racing Queensland, our goal is to be the premier sporting industry in the Sunshine State by fostering a strong sense of owner connection among Queenslanders. Guided by timeless values, we prioritise making a difference, achieving excellence, and earning respect. Our owner-centric approach involves supporting race clubs, ensuring transparent returns, and promoting all three racing codes. Dedicated to infrastructure development, integrity partnerships, education, and high-performance culture, we navigate industry challenges with unwavering transparency, integrity, and collaboration. Encouraging stakeholders to embrace their owner role, we strive for the continued success and growth of Queensland’s racing community.