Welcome to Stridyl

Stridyl is a pioneering platform designed to centralise informative entertainment in the thoroughbred industry. It will further provide a stage for advertising and cataloguing available shares in Australasian thoroughbreds. Through this, it aims to ease the process of thoroughbred ownership and provide insight on how industry enthusiasts can achieve ownership affordably.

The platform is an interactive base, warmly accepting the niche content from media content creators. It will act as an umbrella page for all racing, breeding and thoroughbred business topics which appeal to industry specialists and newcomers to the sport. It is designed to be highly dynamic and will host documentaries and podcasts as well as written blogs in order to communicate knowledge. Its large target audience base makes it a prime location for industry related advertisement. It is a new and exceptionally exciting page that directs the racing industry into a brighter future.

A note from the


We are delighted to finally launch Stridyl.

We have dedicated the last two years to market research, design and content creation. This milestone would not be possible without our dedicated team who poured all their experience and knowledge into the development of Stridyl.

Not all that long ago Stridyl was just an idea that was born in our home office and to see it come to life is both exciting and fulfilling. We started off as a husband-and-wife duo, who have grown our team and together we are all focused on making racehorse ownership possible for everyone.

And that’s just the beginning.

So, what’s brewing?

As our Stridyl Entertainment platform has ‘left the gates’, it’s only a matter of time before entertainment meets opportunity with Stridyl’s open media platform and soon to launch online marketplace. Stridyl is currently working closely with trusted trainers, licensed syndicators and successful stud farms from across Australia and New Zealand to ensure we can bring the best available horses to market and at a range of prices to suit all budgets.

We’re excited to help you turn entertainment into opportunity, so while our online marketplace hasn’t left the starting gates yet, we’re always happy to assist you with any requests. Get in touch with a member of our dedicated team: hello@stridyl.com

Whether this is your first-time hearing about Stridyl, or you have been following us for the past two years, we want to thank you for celebrating this milestone with us. Thank you for believing in our mission to make racehorse ownership possible for everyone.