How our sport is perceived is the single most important influence on the longevity of our industry.

Since its inception, horse racing has been regarded as the ‘Sport of Kings’. It is draped in history, and tradition with continual global attention. We are internationally united, through both breeding and racing horses on either side of the equator.

Over the course of centuries, all aspects of the industry have evolved considerably, through modernisation, science, prize money, and welfare. Racing is a sport that is consumed through the involvement of broadcasters and is widely promoted as a gambling product. As much as this assists the sport with publicity, it doesn’t cover the real core message that the racing industry wants to portray. To the public watching a racing channel on broadcast, they could depict the continuous stream of race after race as a factory-like industry. The constant advertisement of betting prices and prize money can impersonate a money-crazed sport whose only interest is betting turnover. It is important that I stress the gambling industry is a very important factor for racing but it is most certainly not our core why.

This is Stridyl’s why. This is why Stridyl was born.

We wanted to create alternative horse racing content where the public could learn and get to know what makes our industry so unique. We wanted to create a library of entertainment that was easy to access and would open a door to our industry for anyone who was curious. We wanted our industry message to be positive but most of all we wanted it to be easily understood by anyone that tuned in.

So far, our content has been very well received and there is nothing more rewarding than hearing from someone who has taken our insight and thoroughly enjoyed the content. Our passion is to create opportunity. Opportunity to grow attention to our sport. Opportunity to showcase real people within our industry. Opportunity for brands to connect with our sport. Opportunity for our sport to have a voice that speaks to everyone. Hence why Stridyl’s tagline is ‘Where Entertainment Meets Opportunity’.

As we enter the depth of Spring Racing carnival and we near the dawn of the Melbourne Cup, we almost dread the thought of the same constant one-sided ill-informed delusive message that is spread by the uneducated. The message suggests that our industry participants don’t have our athletes as the most important priority of our sport. It’s simply untrue.

A good friend of mine once told me the only way that we will be able to share our message is if we have the loudest voice.  She’s absolutely right!  If we unite and we share the real message of our industry, then we will be listened to. If our voice is strong, unwavering, and genuine, it will have the most impact.

Stridyl’s voice is clear.

We are only a component of the industry and it’s important to us that we support our industry as whole. So, with that in mind, we can’t help but support a new initiative that was launched last week called Kick Up For Racing.

Created by the team at Kick Collective, it is an informative website full of racing facts for those curious to learn more about our industry.

Kick Up For Racing aim to provide a balanced view of false claims that have been made about horse racing. They have broken down their mission into three phases. See phase one below:

The first step for Kick Up has been to create an online resource that can be used to:

  • Provide our army of ambassadors with facts, figures, and information to respond to false facts shared by antis in day-to-day conversations.
  • Allow those curious about the industry to find an accurate and balanced view of common concerns they may have about horse racing.
  • Create shareable content that can help change the conversation and kick up for horse racing.

To find out more check out their website here and join their army of ambassadors